“You can’t produce spirituality from rocky soil,” asserted Haim Atar, founder of the Museum of Art, Ein Harod, at a gathering of the kibbutz cultural coordinators in 1944. While the permanent site of kibbutz Ein Harod on Givat Qumi was still under construction, Haim began collecting ritual objects and other artifacts from the Jewish Diaspora, for a permanent art collection at Ein Harod.
From Ein Harod’s earliest days, Haim Atar chiseled tombstones, painted scenery for kibbutz events, and directed memorial services and ceremonies. For his work he drew upon practices and traditions of Jewish folk art, inspired by the world that shaped his own perspective: the town of Zlatopol, in the Ukraine, where he was born. The Hanukka menorot he picked up at markets all over Israel, ritual objects used in the home and synagogue, and paper cutouts

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Museum's Library
Meir Agassi Museum
Miron Sima Auditorium

Coffe Bickeles at the Sculpture Yard
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Road directions
Take route 71 from Afula to Beit Shean. 12 Km from Afula turn left at traffic light into Kibbutz Ein Harod Meuhad (note: there is another traffic light where you can turn left into Ein Harod ihud. That’s NOT the right turn).
Follow the signs going uphill to the museum. ; To view a nearby map

A parking lot by the museum; Also fits busses