Kibbutz Anxiety

Haran Kislev

Kibbutz Anxiety

Curator: Avi Lubin

Decmber 2023


Haran Kislev | Kibbutz Anxiety | Curator: Avi Lubin

In this exhibition, Haran Kislev, resident and native of Kibbutz Be’eri, presents paintings from the last two years. In these works, he painted the Be’eri landscape as well as the anxiety and danger simmering below its surface, the beauty which concealed the fear that was constantly stirring. During this period, Kislev created paintings that are highly emotional, gushing, material, and explosive. To create them, he applied and spattered large amounts of paint using knives, skewers, hammers, and gardening tools instead of paint brushes. On October 7, reality surpassed fiction and the horror exceeded anything that could have been imagined. Kislev was shut for hours in his home’s shelter space together with his partner and children, while terrorists thumped on his house’s door. The paintings in this exhibition survived the Hamas attack, and Kislev rescued them from the studio at Kibbutz Be’eri weeks later.

This exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions presenting bodies of work that survived the atrocities of October 7. It maintains the rationale of the Mishkan’s rich collection’s beginnings, which stemmed inter alia from the aspiration to save Jewish culture that was in danger of extinction due to the Second World War, and to preserve the works of Jewish artists from entire communities that disappeared.

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