Chada Knishta

Chada Knishta

Curator: Dvora Liss

Group Exhibition


Shai Azulay

Our exhibition is named Chada Knishta. Knishta is Aramaic for "a gathering," and the Talmud uses it to refer to a synagogue. Kabbalistic sources associate the term chada knishta with a lofty ideal of redemption. When ten people gather as one, when they genuinely empathize with each other and take responsibility for each other, when they refrain from all enmity, bigotry and slander, they become a powerful force for positive change and form a unified entity, a chada knishta.The Covid 19 pandemic has created an unprecedented crisis, closing synagogues around the world for the first time in history. This unique predicament has inspired new ideas and raised new questions about the need for sacred space. We ask you to join us in exploring the multi-dimensional significance of the various objects on display and encourage you to discover their inter-connections with each other. We hope you will find links to your own personal story and traditions in our exhibition.

June 15, until September 2020