The Garden Keeper

Boaz Noy

The Garden Keeper

Curator: Avi Lubin


Boaz Noy’s painting starts from a personal experience, a moment of random and unplanned encounter while wandering in the city. Although he wanders in places that he already knows, these rambles still summon surprises for him. Noy allows himself to rediscover the city time after time, meeting it each time anew. Like Baudelaire’s or Benjamin’s flâneur, his wanderings may not have a purpose in the strict sense of the word, but they offer a new perspective on the familiar space, attention to the urban environment, and a search for inspiration and wonderment in everyday life.

The exhibition The Garden Keeper took shape over the last year, and particularly in the last couple of months. With great intensity, Noy painted works in which the silence and the wait became infused with dread, empty alleys became potential sites of disaster and nocturnal parks turned into areas of unease. In the exhibition, designed for the space of the museum’s colonnade, Noy responds to the gallery that to some extent resembles the spaces of the city depicted in his paintings.

Palmer Mornings, 2023, Oil on canvas

Dazzled in Gan Meir, 2023, Oil on canvas

Phantom on Balfour St., 2020, Oil on canvas,
Rosenfeld Gallery Collection

Gaza Road, Jerusalem, 2023, Oil on canvas

Sky Puddle, 2024, Oil on canvas

The Garden Keeper, 2023, Oil on canvas

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