A New Horizon

A New Horizon

Curator: Yaniv Shapira

February- September 2016

חצר גרוטאות אולף הולאפפל  מתווים לחצר (1) (Custom)

We are interested in history because concealed with in it are the little attempts of the human race, as it also conceals the dynamic light of the future. (Gershom Sholem)

The exhibition “A New Horizon for New Horizons” affords a double view. On one hand, a new look at the works of the artists of “New Horizons,” that expresses their aspiration for “cultivation of original plastic art, while enforcing a high standard and identification with artists of our time who carry the idea forward.” On the other hand, acquaintance with the works of contemporary artists that were created in relation to those of the “New Horizon” group. These crossed views, turning to historic memory along with contemporary creation, enable a renewed examination of this formative chapter in the history of Israeli art.

The artists presented in this part of the exhibition are characterized by a search for local “forefathers.” Their works, which exist with reference to an artist, a work or motif of the “New Horizons” group, clearly treat canonical concepts and symbols, quotations and gestures. In their glance, which is critical and at times defiant, there is a kind of new and occasionally timely interpretation of the works of the “New Horizons” artists. The existence of this intergenerational dialogue fertilizes the creative space and the artistic identity of each of these artists, and at the same time it affords renewed clarification of the place and status of the “New Horizons” group in the fabric of Israeli art.

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