A New Horizon for New Horizons

Pinchas Abramovich, Kosso Eloul, Arie Aroch, Mordechai Arieli, Robert Baser, Yitzhak Danziger, Jacob Wexler, Joseph Zaritsky, Aaron Kahana, Yehiel Krize, Moshe Kupferman, Rafi Lavi, Uri Lifshitz, Avigdor Luisada, Zvi Mairovich, Avraham Naton, Avigdor Stematsky, Yohanan Simon, Yigal Tumarkin, Avshalom Okashi, Dov Feigin, Ruth Zarfati Shterenshus, Chaim Kiewe, Moshe Castel, , Shmuel Raayoni, Yehezkel Streichman, Moshe Sternschuss, Yehiel Shemi, Marcel Janco.

Members: 1948 – the group’s founding; 1951-1955 – The first distinct appearance of abstraction (in Zaritsky’s “Yehiam” series); 1956-1958 – The rift within the group and the leaving of Marcel Janco, Aaron Kahana and Yohanan Simon; 1958-1960 – The triumph of abstraction; 1963 – The final exhibition at The Museum of Art, Ein Harod.
Other parts of the exhibit will be devoted to late works by members of the group, representing both their evolution as individual artists and the mature stage of their art, and to works on paper – a medium that allowed for a more lyrical and intimate expression. A separate exhibition space will feature current Israeli artists who are searching in their work for local “fathers” and “mothers.” Their works – which include paintings, drawings, sculptures and installation art – are characterized by quotes and gestures of homage, by an interpretive and sometimes critical perspective on the New Horizons artists. By presenting the works side by side, the existence of this cross-generational dialogue in Israeli art can be explored.
The present exhibition coincides with the publication of a revised and annotated edition of Professor Gila Balas’ New Horizons: The Birth of Abstraction in Israeli Art, which tells the story of the group, reconstructs its exhibitions, documents its internal disputes and its battles with powerful forces in the Israeli artistic establishment (museums, The Israel Painters and Sculptors Association) and with other artistic approaches and movements of the time.

A New Horizon for New Horizons

Curators: Prof. Gila Ballas, Yaniv Shapira, Dalia Danon

Febuary-September 2016

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