Mairav and Ram are not partners and they do not create together. Both are married, but not to one another. Two independent creators, a man and a woman, friends in a professional dialogue. A fifteen-year conversation in art and cooperation.

In the exhibition, which is an encounter, a journey starting at the end of the eighties in Jerusalem (Betzalel), passing via New York and Tel Aviv (where they both live and work) and arriving at its apex in the spacious halls of the Mishkan at Ein Harod, where they produced a multi-domain installation combining traditional and contemporary media with a work which was created specifically for the museum’s architectonic space.

Meirav and Ram examine the intensive convergence between them, touching frictional points of sexuality, identity and difference between the male and the female, the erotic and the agonizing. They unfold a world of personal images of openings, holes, cuts, navels, baldpates, breasts, hair, wounds and items of clothing.
From the obsessive treatment of the personal and the intimate, emerges a picture of the Israeli present, connected willingly to an approachability and a rapprochement expressed through the treatment of the body in place and in trauma.

Merav Shinn Ben-Alon, Ram Samocha


Curator: Galia Bar Or

March-May 2003

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