LLNL – Hora Party

חצר גרוטאות אולף הולאפפל  מתווים לחצר (1) (Custom)

In their new work Liat and Ariel share a space in which they exhibit two different video works, which work parallel to one another and in perfect synchronization.
The two separate videos communicate and intertwine in a way that one world reflects on the other, one serves as a “dubbing” for the other in a continues tandem, a role players game.
LLNL-Hora Party as a complete work creates a combination of a local legend and of social criticism. The two works together and each one separately examine sight and blindness, blurred and clear visions related to the contemporary political context.

LL is a video work which combines images that deal with the shattering Zionist dream and the local contemporary reality of the Israeli-Palestinian arena.
The second clip opens with a joint prayer. Swirl of colors changes the rhythm into a harsh idol battle. In military trance the clip rolls towards its end of stormy ravage.
The work displays a collection of realistic, abstract and fantastic images, interchanging rapidly, colliding and blending one into the other and creating endless fluid images, which is an intriguing description of the “situation”.

NL is a local fantasy unfolding a visit of the goddess of sight and her entourage: Hora nymphs, a mermaid, a shark and the dancer. The film starts with the goddess strolling along Allenby st. which represents a cross-section of the Israeli population, according to the artist: “pimps, prostitutes, orthodox Jews, the trendy Sheinkin set, senior citizens, beggars and foreign workers “.
The second part glances into the inner world of the mermaid, while she swings ceaselessly like a pendulum to the sound of a musical adaptation following the lines of “Kyrie” from Mozart’s Mass in C Minor K.427 . The underworld keeper leaps out from the mermaid’s nose and joins in the singing choir.
The third part introduces the dancer and the shark in a joint dance between sky, sand and sea on one piece of land.

Hora Party
The last clip presents a spiritual blend of both films in which abstract images, dark and light, dance together with the goddesses, who have gathered for the Hora Party.
When the world of fantasy is in distress a team of goddesses lunges forward to free the imagination from fearful Evil with clapping hands of love.

Liat and Ariel Schechter Myres

LLNL – Hora Party

Curator: Galia Bar Or

March-April 2003

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