Mending Tools

Mixed media: Sheet metal, glass, archive cards, pencil, flint, burner,
Tripod, drawing nibs, ceramic net, feather pillow, photo, sand, album
Measurements in centimeters: Height 110, width 140, Depth 50.

Mending Tools is an installation that integrates childhood memories, theory of dream research, and objects from the chemistry laboratory of the artist’s father. His archive cards were the base for small paintings, and some Hieroglyphs by Avraham Ofek were sketched on them.
Concealed in the top drawer is an essay by Dr. Gideon Ofrat to be taken and read by the viewers. The text relates to the work and is an integral part of it.
All elements are gathered to create a mending process, a metamorphosis. In alchemical terms it is an experiment – an attempt to distill gold out of all the different materials.

Nona Orbach

Mending Tools

January-April 2011

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