Drawing Time

Noga Linchevsky’s exhibition addresses different dimensions of time – the moment, eternity, time passing, measured and standing still. Linchevsky’s attempt to ‘capture time’ in its materiality took a turn in 2007, when she started following the movement of the sunrays shining through the window of her studio every day. The light spot created a clockwise movement on the wall during the day that faded away at night. In response to this daily appearance, she applied spackle to the corner of the wall, which she engraved with the words ‘time passes’. In a meditative gesture following a cyclic rhythm, this act of documentation is revealed through different means such as engraving and drawing on canvas. What started out as a temporary experiment, crystallized into a series of works entitled ‘Time Passes’, ‘Earth Balls’ and ‘Mount Kilimanjaro’. In their representations of personal and cosmic time they explore psychological and geographical landscapes. To different degrees, Linchevsky channels these qualities into text drawing and paintings that oscillate between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, as they negotiate the distance between near and far on both a telescopic and microscopic scale.
The present exhibition confirms the permanence of the caption ‘time passes’, which is engraved on the wall of the museum’s sculpture courtyard next to the inscriptions that have been there since its establishment.
The other series on display inside the museum are installations inspired by the architectural qualities of the Museum of Art Ein Harod: exploring its natural light, the scale of the exhibition’s spaces and the relation between inside and outside.
The two video artworks created for the present exhibition refer to dialogue between the museum’s interior and exterior spaces. Projected on the wall above the staircase of the column hallway, the film ‘Ways’ sensitizes the viewers to the architectural elements and to the movement in time perceived through the changing shadows. ‘Wind in the Garden’ refers to the wind blowing through the leaves of the chain of hearts plant, a trailing succulent climbing up the courtyard wall, as its seasonal changes of shape reflect through the windows.

Noga Linchevsky

Drawing Time

Curator: Yaniv Shapira

October-December 2016

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