The work of Hadar Gad focuses on the world immediately around her home,family, and the items she uses.
Her art conveys the sense that the external world does not exist and that the landscape or people outside the family are extraneous. Her art allows us to peek at the everyday world and intimate details of her life.

All her work is based on prepatory sketching and not on photographs. She employs extreme precision when painting with oil on canvas. Her desire to maintain artistic tradition by using oil paints allows her to concentrate on each and every detail presented in the work.In this show Hadar Gad originally born in Ein Harod returns to her birthplace to paint the cemetery that her grandparents-the founding fathers of the kibbutz are buried. Her precise realistic work undergoes a transformation to something less physical, and dreamlike – a space that disintegrates and then is rebuilt. As the physical disintegrates, the colors become more monochromatic and the three dimensionality flattens the aesthetic and sensual experience is heightened.

Hadar Gad


Curator: Galia Bar Or

September-October 2009

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