Red Winged Black Bird

While in the Israeli army, Efrat Klipshtien provided nature tours at various sites in the mountains. After her service, she began to implement more non-conventional tour tactics into her art practice as a performance artist. Drawing on her experiences as a guide, Klipshtien explores the dynamics of the viewer’s relationship with public spaces, objects, and positions of power. Through subtle feminist-political delivery, Klipshtien engages audiences through a versatile range of media.

She writes in her statement, “For me, the spectator is part of the journey, and his […] experience within the installation consciously includes […] the distance he passes in the installation and the distance between him and the art work, while visible and hidden temptations take the experience to the extreme.”

Klipshtien received a B.A in psychology and geography from the Ben-Gurion University (Israel, 1992) followed by an M.Sc. in industrial design at the Israel Institute of Technology (1997). In 1998, Klipshtien studied art at Ha Midrasa, Beit Berl College (Israel, 1998).

Efrat Klipshtien

Red Winged Black Bird

Curator: Galia Bar Or

September 2010-January 2011

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