It will soon be seventy years since Ruth Schloss, then 15 years old, arrived in Eretz-Israel from Germany (1936). A year after her arrival in this country Schloss began studying at the Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem, and from that time, until today, she has not ceased painting figures and events drawn from the reality of life in Israel
This retrospective exhibition is curated by Tali Tamir and is accompanied by a book. Several researchers have contributed essays to this broad and comprehensive book, which surveys Schloss’s artistic oeuvre from different points of view and acquaints the public with a rich and diverse range of her works (120), from the ’40s to the present.
The curator, Tali Tamir, traces the processes that shaped the artist’s path, the influence of the home in Germany where she grew up, her itinerary of studies in this country and in Paris, the period of her life in the kibbutz, the studio in Jaffa etc.
In his essay “The Ostracized Reds, Between Pictures and Words”, the researcher Shlomo Sand illuminates the political, cultural and historical context of “the Israeli reds”, to whom Schloss belonged.
Irit Levin, has focused in her essay “Profiles of Collectors” on a phenomenon that has so far not been exposed in the research.
Galia Bar Or relates to Schloss’s audiences, with an emphasis on the cultural frameworks that took shape in the workers’ sector of the cultural map in Israel. Among other things, she discusses the Marxist conception of art and its influence.

Ruth Schloss


Curator: Tali Tamir

September-December 2006

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