Hila Lulu Lin was born in Israel in 1964. Lin is considered one of the most interesting and promising artists in contemporary Israeli art. Much of her work focuses on the human body, and she often uses herself as both subject and object in her video, photography, installation, poetry and performance. Her work is a highly personal exploration of how the body can be manipulated, what happens when it comes into contact with objects, and what these objects evoke. Her unique work is characterized by a contemporary, subversive, post-feminist tone.
Enigmatic and full of paradox, her work fluctuates between the concrete and the illusionary, reality and fiction, the mundane and the esoteric, pleasure and pain. The morbid, decadent and attractive world emerging from her works is full of humor and irony, just as it contains a high degree of provocative personal expression.
Lin’s exhibits make fascinating use of language, integrating poetic texts in her creations. Her texts aspire to some physically poetic pre-linguistics, basically mimicking childish and sensual sounds: sighs, mumbling, licking, sucking, fermentation and involuntary excretions.
The work in Ein harod entitled “She” is an installation of objects and mixed media (drawings and stickers) on a fragile tissue paper dipped in lacquer.
The exhibition is in conjunction with the publication of an extensive artist book (Hebrew, English, Arabic), 300 page full color reproduction featuring the oeuvre of the artist from the 1990’s till today. Integrated into the book are Lu Lu Lin’s poetic texts.

Hila Lulu Lin


Curator: Galia Bar Or

November-December 2007

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