Treasures of the Mishkan Museum of Art

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“Treasures of the Mishkan Museum of Art” is dedicated to collections formed at the museum over the 80years of its existence, and is presented throughout the museumgalleries. This comprehensive display of the collections allows foran exploration of the goals outlined by the members of Kibbutz EinHarod when they decided to establish a museum. It captures theworld of those who sought to create a new world without forgettingwhere they had come from, and reflects, in its own way, the history ofthe Jewish people in the 20th century.The early section of the exhibition covers the first half of the20th century, while the later section is devoted to the second half ofthe 20th century and the early years of the 21st century. The workson display include ones created by Jewish artists active in Europeas well as by Israeli artists, and cover topics ranging from life andJewish tradition in the Diaspora to the complexity of the Israeliexperience. The exhibition run's untill March 25 2019.

Curator: Yaniv Shapira

Guided tours of the exhibition by subject:

1. A journey to the past of a people, Jewish art from the collections of the Mishkan
Familiarity with the Jewish sources of the collection of the Mishkan and a visit to three parts of the exhibition: ‘Daily life in the town’; ‘Pogroms, Exile, Holocaust’; ‘Portrait, Landscape, Still Life’.
2. Israeli Art from the Collections of the Tabernacle
Acquaintance with Israeli and Israeli art in the collections of the Mishkan and a tour of the Israeli wing of the exhibition: Ein Harod; ‘Hebrew Art’; The kibbutz yard; ‘Hebrew work’; ‘Ingathering of the exiles’; ‘Multiple voices’; ‘God in art’; ‘Israeli abstract’; Sculpture from the Collections of the Mishkan’
3. Old and new Jewish world
Reciprocal relations and complementary aspects in the various parts of the Mishkan’s collections: between Kadesh and sand, exile and redemption, the Old and New Jewish world.

4 . Multiplicity of voices in Israeli art, Ein Harod against the consensus
Focusing on the multiplicity of voices and communities in Israeli art as presented over the years in individual and group exhibitions in the Mishkan and collected in its collections.
5. The road to Ein Harod, a journey in the footsteps of the kibbutz artists
The origins of the Museum of Art at Kibbutz Ein Harod – one of the first kibbutzim to promote the ideas of the “big group” and become a leading think tank in the fields of culture, education and society in Israel. The place of the Mishkan in shaping the art of the kibbutz and its various streams
6. <Masterpieces from the collections of the Museum of Art
Focusing on canonical and principled works from the collection of the Mishkan, including Marc Chagall, Maurizio Gottlieb, Haim Atar, Mordechai Ardon, Naftali Bezem, Aviva Uri, Uri Reisman, Meira Shemesh Michael Gross and others

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