Friends of the Museum

The Friends of the Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod has been created in the firm belief in the important role this unique museum has to play in the Israeli art scene and in the Israeli culture scene more broadly. Our goal is to build a group of Friends who will support the Museum’s activities by their presence at our exhibits, by their taking part in promoting the Museum’s objectives and by sharing in its creative endeavors. The Friends of the Mishkan Museum of Art, Ein Harod aims to help build on the Museum’s rich historical, architectural and artistic past in order to ensure its ongoing vibrancy and future relevance.

Director End Year Report - 2023

Gold Member 2023-2024:

Wendy and Harry Kantor
Laure and Kobby Brown
Dalia Prashker
Monique and Danny Birenbaum
Patricia D Kravtin
Amon Yariv
Eli Arluk and Maya Brodetzky
Michal and David Fuhrer
Paul Burger
Todd Myers and Peggy Prindival
Susan Eisen
Jay Myers
Viviane J. Bregman
Chris McKibbin
John and Jacqueline Menna
Ambrose Wang
Shaul Ben-Or
Janie and Mark Davis
Amy Eskind
Sherri and Marty Zigman
Michelle and Joel Greenberg
The museum operates thanks to the ongoing support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Education, Ein Harod Ihud and Ein Harod Meuchad kibbutzim, the Gilboa Regional Council and The Council for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites.
We are grateful to the philanthropic foundations and public bodies for their partnership in the vision of the museum and their generous support of its activities.
We are blessed with business friends, who have a great awareness of corporate responsibility, who support our activities for the community, and help us promote culture and art in the periphery.

Special Friend's Event

Art and culture immersion trip with a US delegation to Israel, sponsored by the Mishkan Museum of Art.

May 2023

20230501_102933 (Medium)

Dedication Ceremony of The New Youth Wing In Memory of Ann Sharon Weiner.

The Youth Wing Donors:
Howard and Ray Grossman
Paul F. Burger
Ambrose Wang
Jay Meyers
Judith Steinberg
Ruth Kwartin
Todd Myers and Peggy Prindival
Lauretta Webb
Peter Bregman
Don Johnson
John Menna
Susan Eisen
Sam Rost
Viviane Bregman
Clare Rosenfield
June Murphy
Arlene Mehlman
Naomi Michael Finkelstein
Mike Schell
Latana Schachenmann
Chris McKibbin

March 2019

“I have been committed to Israel since 9 years old. Now ,I have a connection ,a relationship I’ve dreamed of .Thank you Mishkan Museum of Art”.
Come join us . Elana Spitzberg – Park City, Utah

The sign unveiling ceremony for the newly renovated Water Garden in memory of Helen Seidner Spitzberg

with Orit Lev Segev, Museum Director, and Elana Spitzberg, October 2021

Special events at the Mishkan's exhibition

Closing the exhibitions

Prussian Blue, Dominins of Horror, Jetesaia, July 2021

Pre-Opening of the exhibitions:

Painting is a Home, From Vienna to Jerusalem, Olaf Metzel at Ein-Harod, March 2018

Pre-Opening of the exhibitions:

Dam Butterfly, Heliotropion, January 2018

Mishkan Meetings

summer celebration

Mishkan Museum Reception. August 2022, Park City, Utah

“You three women brought the Mishkan to life.”
From a guest – Pat Kravtin.

summer celebration

Mishkan Museum of Art summer celebration.

“Thank you supporters. We surpassed our goals at this Mishkan Museum of Art summer event.”
Park City, Utah. Amy Goodman, Wendy Kantor , Elana Spitzberg. Event Co-Chairs

summer celebration

BFAMI Event, November 2022, London

It was a privilege for the Mishkan Museum to be invited to the event of the British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel (BFAMI) in London, and to be represented by Wendy Kantor, the Mishkan’s USA Representative.

Launch of the "Friends of the Mishkan", at the residence of Andrea Wine, October 2017

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