Erasing the borders of Azkelon

In Ein Harod this summer – I am showing one layer of several installation elements which evolved at the Venice Israeli pavilion. The layer I chose to present is the bare performative component, which is also allegoric.
Video drawings in the sand. no sky line. Water meets shore. People arrive at this poetic arena/format. Where body water and movment dwell. Normally a place of retreat.
The men equipt with knives – the women with their hands and besides this, a fishing net.
The men may be fisher men – the women may be waves (of immigrants) – their beach is the Mediterranean.
The lifeless crystallized fishing net is a warning monument for a time life will not sustain and dance and game will be impossible.
The people draw in the films and try to erase borders …
The net is a peaceful hunting vessel: tangble, very heavy, drying the air all around it – it was lifted from bellow the lowest place in the world and carried with much effort to the shore. To the museum.
Sigalit Landau

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Sigalit Landau

Erasing the borders of Azkelon

Curator: Galia Bar Or

August 2011-January 2012

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