Works by Members of Kishorit


Curator: Galia Bar Or

January–March 2015

The “Soulscapes: Works in Textile” exhibition presents works created by members of Kishorit* during the past five years.
Working with textiles opens a channel of expression for members for whom creativity is an important part of their lives. Many of the members of Kishorit have to cope with difficulties of various kinds, but their emotional, intuitive area is developed, and finds fascinating ways of action. The advantage the creators of the works in the exhibition have is that they are not captives to conceptual or technical conventions, and their works are open to expression of commonly hidden places that have not been expressed.
The process of working with fabric arouses the senses. The contact, the touch, the sensuality of the color, create a strong closeness to the material. The process leaves no room for passivity, and is accompanied by an emotional experience, happiness, and satisfaction from beholding the fabric as it wakes to life
Kishorit, in the Western Galilee, is a home for adults with special needs
a community where they can live full, independent lives. It is built and run like a kibbutz, and offers its members employment, leisure activities, personal residences, medical and nursing services, and the possibility of being part of the broad community.

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