Noga Linchevsky / ‘Drawing time’
Noga Linchevsky’s exhibition addresses different dimensions of time – the moment, eternity, time passing, measured and standing still. Linchevsky’s attempt to ‘capture time’ in … Read More

In After the Wind, Avital Cnaani creates abstract and forceful Formica landscapes. She cuts the material by hand, slices it into … Read More

Alima Rita (1932-2013) is renowned for her use of color as a central value. Since the early 1960s her paintings have … Read More

Pinchas Abramovich, Kosso Eloul, Arie Aroch, Mordechai Arieli, Robert Baser, Yitzhak Danziger, Jacob Wexler, Joseph Zaritsky, Aaron Kahana, yehiel krize, moshe … Read More

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